Follow expert airbrush artist, Bill Leach, as he shows you how to use and maintain a double action airbrush. Brought t…

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Espeefan4459 sagt:

He’s using the adjustment wheel to set his needle for the dot size. This
basically puts the airbrush in single action mode. It’s probably the reason
for the lack of uniformity in dot size. We all do things differently. I
prefer to use the trigger. Practice, learn good trigger control, forget you
have an adjustment wheel. Your art will look better. Just my $.02 worth

BirdOfParadise777 sagt:

Camera person was told to „pull back to a wide shot“ so we couldn’t see the
„spots“ you made. The ones I could see you making are all „wonky“ and not
„round?“ Shows you should not charge for your „work!“ I am so tired of
people claiming to be a „professional“ and put up a „crap work“ video like
this and give „excuses“ for the „crap work“ like it doesn’t matter! Why
should I listen to someone who says they’ve been doing this for a long time
that can’t make a series of simple „spots?“ O.o

sajche99 sagt:

Informative.. thanks!

BigAndTall666 sagt:

This is like watching a cooking show except it never gets really „cooking“!

headacherack sagt:

It works pretty much the same way a crop dusting airplane does while flying
over crops…so if you don’t know how to fly….

mountnman100 sagt:

I really think the guy demonstrating the brush is not an artist.

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